Molly James DeVore

Oh. Hey.

This blog is sad. Aware. It gets updated once a year as opposed to the once a week that it was used to while we lived in the city. But that's life in the suburban hood.

Molly James (after Scott's late father, whom she looks JUST LIKE) DeVore is here! I didn't even know that I was in labor on the morning of November the 3rd, 2014. I went to the mall with my friend Kaylyn, but felt a bit flu-ish, so we called it a day. As she was pulling out of my driveway, I noticed that I was bleeding. Fearing the worst, as this was how our loss prior to Molly began, I called my Dr. They saw me right away and basically just looked at me with wide eyes and said two words, "go. now." I made it to the hospital and within the hour, our girl was in my arms. Easiest delivery ever (said the idiot that would've probably had her baby in the car had she not noticed something was off when she did).

MacPherson came in to meet his sister and began to cry.

Aww, so sweet, right?


"But her hair isn't pwink (pink) like Mowlly on Bubble Guppies!"


But it's ok. He loves her now. He calls her Mollyzilla, because now, nine months later, she crawls and pulls up and is trying to walk....and she loves to "destroy him and his things."

Adjusting to the new normal of having two children took me a bit of time, but now, it's pretty great.  The next new normal begins in just two weeks time, when MacPherson begins VPK, but I'm trying not to think about that yet.

Here's proof that it only took a week of her life for her brother to have a change of heart. She has been his "best fwiend" ever since. Thankful.

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I always love your blog!!